Top 5 Dogs to Get for Kids

If you are looking for the best breed of dog to get for kids, then read on! In this article, we look at breeds of all sizes, shapes and from all corners of the world, that all have one thing in common: they’re great with kids! So read on, and find the perfect dog to get for your kids today!


There’s a reason that labradors are so popular around the world – they’re a great family dog! In fact, labbies have the perfect mix of a gentle nature, and energy, that makes them a great companion for children of all ages.

Your labrador will probably have a lifespan in excess of twelve years, which means that he or she will be able to grow up with your kids, and they’re also easy to keep in good health (although they are prone to gaining weight, so watch the portions and treats!) All round, if you’re looking for a great dog to get for kids, and you don’t mind a medium to large breed, this is a great choice.


If you’re looking for a smaller breed to get for your kids, then pugs are a perfect choice. They may have a face that some would say only a mother can love, but pugs are living proof of the old saying ‘dynamite comes in small packages!’

Pugs are friendly, energetic and tough little dogs, all of which makes them a great choice of dog to have when you’re looking for a pet for your kids, and they’re also intelligent and easy to train.


Another great choice of a breed of dog for kids, the Beagle is a medium sized, short coated dog that again combines a gentle, friendly nature with energy and an outgoing personality.

Beagles are also easy to train, respond well to training, and will get along well with other dogs and pets in your family too.

Rough Collie

There’s a reason Lassie made it into the movies! Rough collies are another great breed to consider if you are looking for a great dog to get for your kids. They’re friendly, generally gentle and good natured, intelligent, and when they’re younger, energetic too.

The only drawback to getting a rough collie is that their long, silky hair needs a lot more maintenance than their short coated peers, so you will need to make sure you have the time to devote to grooming and keeping your collie in tip top condition.

Jack Russel Terrier

Another great choice of breed, when you’re looking for the perfect dog to get for kids, is the Jack Russel Terrier. Another small breed that proves that dynamite comes in small packages, these little terriers have big personalities, and they’re usually able to keep up with (and outrun!) even the most adventurous kids.

If you choose a Jack Russel, be warned that they can be a handful, and don’t be surprised to be the only family on the block with a dog that routinely climbs trees!

Of course, another great option, if you’re looking for a dog for your kids, and to do a little good, is to consider adopting from a shelter. Even a mixed breed dog, or a slightly older dog, can be a great companion to your kids, and if it’s not important to you to have a pedigree as long as your arm, many rescue dogs make great companion animals.

For more advice, articles and tips on breeds, visit Puppy Pedia.

MSM Quick Guide

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a chemical compound (organic compound) that is required for the development and maintenance of connective and other type of tissues. MSM is found throughout our body in nails, hair, skin and tissues. Its health benefits include improved symptoms and functions of knee osteoarthritis, but long-term benefits and safety of MSM is the management of osteoarthritis.

MSM Benefits

MSM can be found naturally in foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, fish, and grains. MSM is therefore found in the normal human diet, but as foods are processed it gets cooked out and is destroyed. That is one reason for it’s supplementation.

Recently vitamin supplements of MSM have develop into a very popular supplement among people suffering from problems like inflammations, heartburns, fibromyalgia, arthritis rhinitis, joint pain, parasitic infection, irritable bowel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome and also skin and nails associated issues. MSM is useful in strengthening joints, balancing blood flow as it helps in increasing the blood flow, muscle contraction problem and mobility related problems etc. When it comes to arthritis, MSM in combination with ingredients have proven to be the best treatment for the prevention and pain relief involved with arthritis. MSM mixed with glucosamine-chondroitin for example works wonderful for people suffering from joint pain and is used regularly as such treatments.

MSM does appear to give relief to those suffering from osteoarthritis and other types of joint and muscular pain. It is believed that MSM helps osteoarthritis by reducing pain and possibly slowing cartilage degeneration. It may provide pain relief by: first, restraining pain impulses along a key nervous system networks known as C fibers. These fibers transmit pain messages from the site of the pain to the brain; second, it reduces inflammation, by putting pressure on nerves and other tissues and causes pain; third, it supports blood flow helping in healing; lastly, it reduces painful muscle spasms.

Another benefit is that MSM helps with muscle aches after exercise. Athletes and those involved in fitness using MSM to eliminate muscle soreness after a workout and decrease the length of time muscles are sore. It promotes cell permeability in people after recreational, which is why it helps in pain relief and shows such benefits.

Conclusion of why you should take a MSM supplement

In conclusion, taking it can help in the prevention and pain relief involved with arthritis. We each have different needs and it is important that you look in to and get the best multivitamin or supplement for your specific need. So as you can see this can be easily added to your daily diet, taken in some health vitamins, organic vitamins, nutritional supplements to take daily to increase your overall health and help protect your body.

Vitamin A – A Quick Guide

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin found in certain vegetables, milk, eggs and fish. This vitamin is best know for its significant for vision important to the health of the outer layer of cells in the skin and organs. A deficiency leads to roughening of the skin and night blindness.

Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most essential vitamins for you to maintain healthy skin, and mucous membrane cells. It is also well known for its benefits for hair and skin and is a noteworthy reason for healthy hair growth. As far as your skin goes, it has an abundance of benefits and there are tons of skin care products with vitamin A in it. There are also many beneficial features for acne and dry skin. It is known to help your skin to retain moisture and can also fight the signs of aging, wrinkles, fine lines, reduces stretch marks, eczema and psoriasis. It also promotes bone growth, teeth development, and reproduction.

It is also full of strong antioxidants that can help restore your body’s health and free radicals. Free radicals are naturally made in our body assisting the metabolism of amino acids and fats. These free radicals are unbalanced molecules that can freely react with and can destroy healthy cells. These antioxidants are believed to help protect the body from free-radical damage. They assist our immune system in combating against the infection. Antioxidant properties can lower the risk for quite a few diseases including cancer and heart disease. Even people having a high level of blood cholesterol can be benefited from vitamin A.

Preventive and Therapeutic uses

Vitamin A supplements are widely used for the immune system. It keeps your skin and mucous membrane cells healthy. It helps the membranes stay moist and moistness is a inhibitor for bacteria and viruses protecting us from infectious diseases and cancer. It can fight cancer by preventing the production of DNA in cancerous cells and slows tumor growth in existing cancers and can keep leukemia cells from dividing.

Taken as nutritional supplements it can be beneficial in the prevention of diseases caused by viruses like measles and respiratory viruses. Blood levels of vitamin A are often low in people with viral illnesses. After receiving additional amounts of the vitamin, the body is better equipped to build its defenses, which can result in faster recovery. Even stroke sufferers that have healthy levels of vitamin A in their body are less likely to die or suffer serious disability.

Dangers of Vitamin A

Vitamin A can also be very toxic to you when taken in higher than suggested dosages for a long period of time. Almost every part of the body can be affected, including eyes, blood, skin, bones, the central nervous system and the liver. Overdosing can cause symptoms like dizziness, vomiting, nausea, headache and skin damage. In the event of serious over dosage, it can cause blindness. Pregnant women should ask their doctor before taking up an A vitamin regiment as they are at some risk for birth defects in their babies.

Conclusion of why you should take vitamin A

In conclusion, taking vitamin A helps in maintaining healthy hair and skin and helps build our body’s resistance to respiratory and other infections. Vitamin A can be found in the following foods; Apricots, fresh Asparagus, Broccoli, Cantaloupe, Carrots, raw Kale, lettuce, Liver, Milk, Mustard greens, Pumpkin, Spinach, Squash, Sweet potatoes, Tomatoes and Watermelon. So as you can see vitamin A can be easily added to your daily diet, taken in some health vitamins, organic vitamins, or even in a good multivitamin daily to increase your overall health and help protect your body from every day infections and sickness.