Shark Cartilage Quick Guide

Shark cartilage is described as shark’s skeleton (mainly made of cartilage), which is a dense form of connective tissue. The cartilage is dried and powdered to create nutritious dietary supplement. Shark cartilage is chiefly composed of chondroitin, which is also broken down into glucosamine. Like chondroitin and glucosamine, it has been extensively studied for osteoarthritis. It also contains calcium and is sometimes used to promote its use in calcium supplementation. Shark cartilage is one of the most popular vitamin supplements in the United States for joint health.


Dr. William Lane’s wrote this best-selling book Sharks Don’t Get Cancer, in 1992. Scientist all over the world have chiefly disagreed with this myth. They say that sharks do get cancer and even in the cartilage, but that it’s extremely rare occurrence. The American Cancer Society states that “Scientists have believed for over 35 years that since sharks do not appear to develop as much cancer as humans, there may be something in their systems that protects them from getting cancer.” So though it is not given by doctors as a cancer treatment it is used as such by many people in the United States.

Shark cartilage helps to decrease inflammation and pain in the bodies’ joints. It has been known to reduce severe pain or joint dysfunction. When abnormal growth of the capillaries destroys the cartilage in joints and pain and joint destruction of arthritis is relieved by these vitamin supplements. It works in the same fashion to fight cancer, by inhibiting the growth of these blood vessels, resulting in the abnormal capillaries to regress.

Since shark cartilage is rich in calcium and proteins, it is consumed as a nutritional supplement that helps boost immunity. It helps to heal asthma, poison oak, eczema, emphysema, and hemorrhoids. Considering its healing and properties, you can see why its popularity has grown over the years.